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Job Postings

Help Wanted:

No openings at this time.

Application can be printed from our website


Online Employment Application Form
Important: After filling out the Online Application...use the email option on the .pdf form and send to jobs@wearhouseandmore.com

(we close at 6pm, so no evenings shifts)

Wear House and More is a large consignment store in Platte City, MO. We
carry clothing for the entire family as well as furniture, house wares and
home decor. We operate on a large volume of merchandise, both receiving
and selling.

Resume may be sent to furniture@wearhouseandmore.com
or an application may be filled out in the store.

Any questions about this position can also be sent to

Apply at Wear House And More
I-29 at exit #19
Platt City, MO
(7 miles north of KCI)